H2Station® CAR-200

CAR-200 is our new generation hydrogen fueling station for fast 70MPa fueling of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles with long driving range.


times greater capacity per m2


m2 footprint


kg peak 3 hours capacity

Dedicated development of new and patented technologies

H2Station®CAR-200 is a result of more than 3 years of dedicated development of new and patented technologies.

CAR-200 provides a peak rush-hour capacity of up to 100kg in 3 hours on one fueling hose similar to that at conventional gas stations, enabling a flexible scaling of capacity as demand grows.

Storage can be dimensioned to address a daily fueling demand of up to 200kg per day and any hydrogen supply configuration.

Footprint of the CAR-200 has been reduced to only one third of the previous generation CAR-100 enabling installation at even compact gas stations.

1/3 footprint

CAR-200 10m2

CAR-100 30m2

Triple capacity (3h)

CAR-200 100kg

CAR-100 30kg

H2Station® CAR-200
H2 Dispenser

New dispenser designed solely for hydrogen fueling

CAR-200 features a new dispenser designed solely for hydrogen fueling. With the size of only one third of a conventional dispenser it can be placed right next to gasoline.


  • Flexible placement at site
  • Up to 50m away from H2Station®
  • No equipment underground
  • Useable from any side
  • Shares fueling lane with gasoline
  • Intuitive designed user-interface
Dispenser island

Shipped in a box – packaged as you like

H2Station® CAR-200 is assembled at factory and shipped in a standard container. It allows for a fast start of operation with minimal impact on the daily operation of the gas station site during installation.

CAR-200 can be packaged using standard or customized enclosure designs ensuring any desired visual appearance and integration with the surroundings on both Greenfields and Brownfields.

Customized enclosure designs ensure any desired visual appearance and integration
Large scale green hydrogen production

Fully green with NEL electrolysers – Large scale green hydrogen production

H2Station® CAR-200 can be connected to any hydrogen supply ranging from onsite production to truck delivery from central production plants.

The hydrogen supply can made fully green by using a large-scale electrolyser from the sister company NEL-Hydrogen. This enables use of renewable electricity for the hydrogen production.

Learn more at www.nel-hydrogen.com

Manufactured at the world’s largest hydrogen station factory

H2Station® CAR-200 designed for lean volume manufacturing at the world’s largest factory for hydrogen fueling stations.

When fully expanded the factory will have a capacity of up to 300 H2Station® per year, sufficient for fueling 200.000 new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Safe & reliable – proven technology

H2Station® CAR-200 builds on the operational legacy of the former CAR-100 product, which is used in multiple countries across Europe and recognized for providing high performance and availability.

H2Station® technology is used on a daily basis in Denmark which offers the worlds first countrywide network of hydrogen fueling stations.

The Danish network is operated in collaboration with leading energy and gas companies and is based on 100% renewable hydrogen supply from electrolysis.

Learn more about the Danish Network Case

World’s first country-wide station network in Denmark