Track-record & Customer cases

H2 Logic has delivered more than twenty-five (25) H2Station® fueling solutions in seven countries across Europe, which are used on a daily basis for fueling of fuel cell electric vehicles from the major international car manufacturers.

H2 Logic was one among the first in the world to achieve 70MPa fueling of hydrogen according to the international SAE J2601 fueling standard. This enables fuel cell electric vehicles to achieve fast fueling and long driving range similar to that of conventional vehicles.

Today H2 Logic is one among the most experienced on 70MPa fueling in the world and has installed more than 30% of all 70MPa hydrogen stations in Europe since 2011. The H2Station® are operated by several major international energy, oil and gas companies and other companies active on advancing hydrogen for transport.

H2Station® is also used to provide 35MPa fueling of busses and industrial vehicles at private customer sites.

Below you can read more about some of our recent customer cases.

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CASE: Renewable H2Station® for Shell in Hamburg

In late 2014 H2 Logic installed a turn-key H2Station® at a conventional Shell fueling station in Hamburg, Germany.

The H2Station® features onsite hydrogen production based on electricity, and can provide grid balancing and storage services by turning on/off the production. This can help increase the use of renewable electricity in Germany.

The H2Station® was the first to achieve CEP approval in accordance with the latest 2014 version of the SAE J2601 fueling standard.

H2 Logic won the delivery of the H2Station®, after a competitive tender exercise conducted by Shell, where particular emphasis were put on reliability.


CASE: H2Station® for countrywide network in Denmark – world’s first

In 2011 H2 Logic began the construction of a network of H2Station® for the entire country of Denmark. Today a total of ten (10) H2Station® are in operation providing fuel on a daily basis to the growing fleet of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Additional H2Station® are expected during the coming years, which will ensure that 50% of Danish population will have less than 15 kilometers to hydrogen fueling. Already today hydrogen available is in all of the major cities across the country, making it the first countrywide hydrogen station network in the world.

Joint venture with leading energy, gas & oil companies
The Danish H2Station® network is established and operated in collaboration with leading energy, gas & oil companies through joint-venture investments in dedicated infrastructure companies.

Copenhagen Hydrogen Network A/S operates five hydrogen fueling stations and is a joint-venture between H2 Logic and Air Liquide, one of the world’s largest industrial gas company.

Danish Hydrogen Fuel A/S operates four station and is a joint venture between H2 Logic, OK which is operates 1/3 of all gas stations in Denmark, and the industrial gas company Strandmøllen.

Vestforsyning is a regional energy company and operates one H2Station®, from H2 Logic in the city of Holstebro in Denmark.

100% renewable hydrogen supply from electrolysis – world’s highest
Hydrogen production for the Danish network is based on electrolysis and electricity procured with CO2 certificates. This ensures a 100% sustainable and zero emission hydrogen supply – the highest share in the world for an entire station network. Some of the stations features onsite electrolysis production whilst other stations are supplied from a central large-scale electrolyser plant supplied by the H2 Logic sister company NEL-Hydrogen.

More than 98% availability 24/7 – world’s highest
H2 Logic handles the daily operation and maintenance of the entire  network. The average availability for the network is more than 98% – one of the highest reported in the world. This is achieved by a dedicated H2 Logic service team that monitors the daily operation and responds instantly to any down-time events.