35MPa fueling

35MPa fueling solutions
H2 Logic offers 35MPa fueling solutions for fleets of industrial vehicles and busses, building on our H2Station® technology and experience from fueling of cars.

The equipment is customized to fit the exact vehicle types in your fleet and provide the required instant and daily fueling capacity.

H2 Logic has delivered 35MPa solutions for a wide range of capacity needs e.g. small forklifts to large busses.

CASE: 35MPa H2Station® for busses in Anterwerp Belgium
The H2Station® is to fuel a fleet of busses in daily operation in the city of Anterwerp Belgium.

The rated daily capacity is 400kg but is upgradable to 800kg, sufficient for a fleet of more than 20 busses.

The fueling process is adapted for the specific busses, which allows for a fast fueling of a full tank in down to only 10 minutes.

H2Station for bus fueling in Antwerp Belgium