Company profile

H2 Logic A/S is a leading manufacturer of H2Station® hydrogen refueling stations that provides fuel cell electric vehicles with the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles today.

H2 Logic A/S is a fully owned subsidiary of NEL ASA, a listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange

Since incorporation in 2003 H2 Logic has invested significantly in R&D that has brought H2Station® to a level where products are offered for the early market for roll-out of larger networks of hydrogen refueling stations.

Today H2 Logic is one among few global leaders on fast refueling for FCEVs. H2Station® technology is in operation in several European countries providing hydrogen fueling for fuel cell electric vehicles from major car manufacturers.

H2 Logic was one among the first to achieve fast fueling of hydrogen in compliance with the SAE J2601 standard that is required by the major car manufacturers.

In Denmark H2 Logic has delivered H2Station® technology for the entire country network of hydrogen fueling stations that is operated in collaboration with leading oil, energy and gas companies.

Besides providing fast fueling H2Station® technology also has a long proven track-record of reliable operation with more than 98% availability – one among the highest recorded in the world for a scattered network of 24 hour public available hydrogen fueling stations.

The ambition is to keep this position and act as a preferred supplier of H2Station® for international infrastructure operators such as oil, energy and gas companies.

H2Station® CAR-200

H2Station® Hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles