Hydrogen market

Hydrogen mobility market

H2 Logic develops and manufactures H2Station® fueling solutions that provide hydrogen for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) from major car manufacturers. This ensures the same fast fueling and long range as conventional vehicles but with zero emission electric propulsion and no or reduced dependency of fossil or domestic limited fuels or energy sources.

Hydrogen Fueling Chain
Hydrogen can be produced from renewable energy or domestic available energy sources and fueled to vehicles in few minutes providing the same range as enjoyed today. A fuel cell converts hydrogen into electricity which powers the vehicle with water as only exhaust.

H2Station® are hydrogen refueling stations from H2 Logic that enables fast refueling and long range for any type of fuel cell powered vehicles. Besides busses and material handling vehicles hydrogen refueling is in particular needed for fuel cell powered passenger vehicles being developed by most major car manufacturers.

This can help enable electric cars as an important long term zero emission and fossil independent alternative for transport without loss of mobility.

Major car manufacturers are developing FCEVs and have or are preparing market launch in selected market regions, among others the USA, Europe and Japan. Hyundai launched their first FCEV model for sale in 2014 and Toyota in 2015 with Honda planning for a 2016 launch.

Learn more at www.toyota.com or www.hyundaiusa.com

Market launch of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

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