H2 Logic offers a range of services in relation to the supply of H2Station®.
This covers all steps from the Customers’ first planning of a new station and through installation and operation.


H2 Logic assists customers in planning station sitting, either detailing the specific site layout or identifying location as part of a greater station network.

H2 Logic also offers to handle the hydrogen supply set-up ensuring an exact fit with the H2Station® and customers preferred hydrogen supply source.

The scope of services includes among others:

  • Site selection via extensive analysis of local/regional area
  • Detailed site integration planning – preparing civil works
  • Hydrogen supply engineering – onsite or delivered hydrogen
  • Designing customizations to fit customers specific needs

Delivery & installation

H2 Logic can handle the entire process from contract to operation, covering project management, civil works and installation at site and the authority permitting process.

The scope of services includes among others:

  • Managing the civil works conducted by contractors
  • Handling authority permitting process – securing required permits to operate
  • Installation and commissioning of H2Station® at site

Operation & maintenance

H2 Logic offers a comprehensive range of operation and maintenance services ranging from base maintenance to full operation handling:

The scope of services includes among others:

  • Periodic maintenance conducted at site by technical H2 Logic personnel
  • Online monitoring of operation – remote addressing of events
  • Instant service response at site addressing operation events
  • Operation reporting
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Logbooks and repair reports
    • Hydrogen sales data for invoicing