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H2 Logic to supply hydrogen refueling station for Hamburg

H2 Logic to supply hydrogen refueling station for Hamburg

H2 Logic has won a competitive tender exercise on the supply of a Hydrogen Refueling Station for Hamburg from a major infrastructure provider in Germany. The station will be based on the H2Station® CAR-100 product from H2 Logic and will include onsite electrolysis production. The customer will use the station to gain experiences on the use of hydrogen production for balancing and storage of renewable electricity in Germany.

The new hydrogen refueling station in Hamburg will be owned and operated by a major German infrastructure provider and is to be part of a planned 50 station network in the country by 2015. The network will be a first step in a planned continued roll-out of up to 400 stations in Germany onwards 2023, as part of the previously announced €350 million H2Mobility Germany initiative.

Besides supporting the advanced market introduction plans of fuel cell electric vehicles from major car manufacturers, the station is also to expand experiences on use of hydrogen production at refueling stations for balancing of the increasing share of fluctuating renewable electricity in Germany.

The H2Station® technology is used for hydrogen refueling of fuel cell electric vehicles from major car manufacturers with refueling stations already in daily operation in several European countries. The CAR-100 provides fast refueling of more than 500 km range in 3-4 minutes and is designed to enable both trucked-in and onsite electrolysis production of hydrogen from renewable electricity.

Jacob Krogsgaard, managing director of H2 Logic states: “We look forward to supply our H2Station® CAR-100 for Hamburg as this will be a good opportunity for a continued showcasing of our products in Germany. Further it strengthens our collaboration with a key stakeholder in roll-out and operation of hydrogen refueling stations.”

The hydrogen refueling station is supported by the German NOW Programme.

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