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H2 Logic to expand hydrogen fueling network in Denmark

Energy & gas companies to expand hydrogen fueling network in Denmark in collaboration with H2 Logic

The leading suppliers of energy & industrial gasses in Denmark, OK A.m.b.a. and Strandmøllen A/S, have agreed to establish up to five hydrogen fuelling stations in Denmark, in collaboration with H2 Logic A/S, a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuelling stations. This will expand the existing country network to eleven stations onwards 2016, covering all major cities and making it possible to reach any location in the country. The hydrogen stations will be operated by a joint-venture company, Danish Hydrogen Fuel A/S (DHF) and is based on sustainable energy.


The stations from DHF will ensure that 50% of the Danish population will have less than 15 kilometers to the nearest hydrogen fuelling station.

Availability of hydrogen fueling in a dense network is paramount for a successful market introduction of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) as planned by major car manufacturers. Denmark has one of the world’s best incentives for FCEV’s as these are exempted from normal registration taxes of up to 180% of the vehicle price. This makes an FCEV price of €50.000 fully competitive today.

Denmark plans to increase the share of wind power to 100 % of the electricity consumption onwards 2035 – in 2014 the share was a world record of 39 %. From 2050 Denmark plans to achieve 100% fossil independence across all energy sectors including transport, which calls for use of hydrogen.

DHF is an archetype for an optimal structure and set of competences required for a successful rollout and operation of a network of hydrogen fuelling stations based on sustainable energy.

Strandmøllen is a leading supplier of industrial gases in Denmark for almost 100 years, providing DHF with experience and competences on hydrogen production and distribution. Strandmøllen is already operating the only electrolysis production plant in Denmark, and it will provide hydrogen for the DHF fueling stations.

OK has been a leading energy company in Denmark since 1913 and currently operates a nationwide network of 670 petrol stations under the OK brand. OK provides locations for the HRS’s at existing petrol stations, thus ensuring easy market access via existing infrastructure.

H2 Logic is a leading manufacturer of hydrogen fuelling stations, H2Station®, used on a daily basis across Europe to fuel vehicles from major car manufacturers. The DHF stations will be based on the H2Station® technology, ensuring a cost effective operation with high availability.

The DHF hydrogen refuelling station network in Denmark is constructed with support from the European FCH-JU program and the Danish Energy Agency. Additional public funding is planned.

DHF is a joint venture owned by OK, Strandmøllen and H2 Logic and is focussing solely on hydrogen station operation in Denmark. This joint venture does not affect other lines of business in any of the companies involved.

Strandmøllen, managing director Alex Buendia states:
“As a supplier of industrial gas in Denmark for almost 100 years it is natural for us to take a significant step towards securing a future with sustainable hydrogen fuel for transport. The investment in Danish Hydrogen Fuel will provide us with valuable experience on distribution of hydrogen for fueling stations and ensures synergy with our existing central green hydrogen production plant in Denmark.”


OK, CEO Jørgen Wisborg states:
“As it is now, OK already offers a wide range of energy products to Danish consumers and industry and I see hydrogen fuel as the next natural addition to this range. So far we cannot point out any definite “winner” among the future substitutes for fossil fuels for transport, so we think that our contribution should be to open up the market for sustainable fuels in general and ensure that they are made available to our customers.”


H2 Logic managing director, Jacob Krogsgaard states:
“We are delighted to see that hydrogen continues to gain traction in Denmark and now have attracted the interest of leading energy and gas suppliers. For H2 Logic the supply of H2Station® to Danish Hydro-gen Fuel confirms our leading position on offering cost effective deployment and reliable servicing of hydrogen fueling stations.”

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