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H2 Logic launches new H2Station® products

H2 Logic launches new H2Station® products

H2 Logic has launched two new H2Station® products for hydrogen refueling of fuel cell powered material handling vehicles and passenger vehicles. The products are a result of years of development and tests and mark a shift from customized solutions to standardized products. This has helped to significantly reduce cost and delivery time and improve availability. All important factors in securing cost competitive hydrogen for the planned fuel cell vehicle market introduction.

H2Station® CAR-100 provides 70MPa SAE J2601 compliant fast-fill of hydrogen for passenger vehicles with a capacity of up to 100kg/day. All equipment is integrated into a compact station module allowing for easy transport and installation in only two days. This significantly reduces both the investment cost and time from contract to start of operation, which is important when deploying station networks. As fuel sales in a network grows and reach a level feasible for larger stations the CAR-100 can easily be relocated to outskirts of the network.

H2Station® MH-100 provides 35MPa refueling for material handling vehicles with a capacity of up to 100kg/day. Refueling is conducted using a new OptiHfill™ protocol and active cooling which ensures a safe and fast refueling with a high state-of-charge. A very low investment cost com-bined with high energy efficiency makes the MH-100 capable of providing hydrogen at a dispens-ing cost competitive with conventional use of diesel or LPG in material handling vehicles.

Manufacturing of the first CAR-100 and MH-100 H2Station® products for customers are ongoing with expected delivery in early 2013.

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