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H2 Logic installs hydrogen station in Northern Sweden

H2 Logic installs hydrogen station in Northern Sweden

H2 Logic A/S recently installed a mobile hydrogen refueling station in a winter test area for cars in Northern Sweden. The station is to be used during the winter by car manufacturers conducting test drives of fuel cell vehicles.

In February Sweden opened its second refuelling station, and even though it is placed in the most northern and coldest area of Sweden in Arjeplog, it is H2 Logic who is behind the station.

There is also a very special reason for placing the station that far north. Car manufacturers, who are customers at test tracks in Arjeplog, wish to test their hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles in the cold climate in Northern Sweden. And for that purpose a hydrogen refuelling stations is needed.

“We aim to be on the forefront in terms of providing the opportunity for hydrogen refuelling, so that we can further strengthen the world leading winter test environment for cars in Northern Sweden”, states Peter Öhman, who is project leader at Test Site Sweden.

The cold test area in Sweden, is attractive for car manufacturers, that at the moment is preparing market launching of fuel cell vehicles onwards 2015. To make this possible extensive tests are to be conducted, including how the vehicles behave and perform in cold weather and winter climates.

”We are happy for the installation of the station, as it provides a great opportunity to test our refueling technology on the latest fuel cell vehicles. More important however is the trend behind this, namely that fuel cell vehicle now is so advanced that test drives are intensified onwards an expected market introduction around 2015.” states Jacob Krogsgaard, director H2 Logic.

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