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H2 Logic delivers fourth hydrogen station in 12 months

H2 Logic delivers fourth hydrogen station in 12 months

At an opening event today in Lilleström Norway, yet another hydrogen refueling station from H2 Logic A/S was put in operation. The station is part of the Akershus Energypark that is to develop and test a wide range of hydrogen technologies. The hydrogen station is therefore the world’s first to be supplied by hydrogen produced from domestic waste. For H2 Logic it is the fourth A-70MPa hydrogen refueling station in only 12 months, which is an unofficial world record, underlining the company’s position as one among the leading suppliers worldwide. It also marks a significant step forward in the efforts on standardizing and streamlining the H2 Logic product named H2Station®.


Refueling of hydrogen in Lilleström is done exactly the same way as on other newer hy-drogen refueling stations around the world, as car manufacturers and energy companies several years back agreed upon joint refueling standards such as the SAE J2601. This helps ensure that a fuel cell vehicle always can be fueled with hydrogen enough for a range comparable to gasoline in only three minutes, independent of the location.

The hydrogen station is owned by HyNor Lillestrøm AS which is a joint-venture between the local energy company Akershus Energi, various local organizations and Skedsmo mu-nicipality. The station is therefore part of a larger development effort on hydrogen tech-nologies in the Lilleström area, where various hydrogen production and compression technologies are to be tested, besides production of hydrogen from domestic waste.

For H2 Logic the delivery to Lilleström is a standardized product named H2Station® which builds upon similar stations delivered in the past 12 months for Denmark, Norway and Finland. Exactly the standardization and streamlining of H2Station® is important in the efforts on continued price reduction and global positioning of H2 Logic.

”With the Lilleström station we have established our position as one among leading sup-pliers of hydrogen refueling stations globally. The number of A-70MPa stations complying with the SAE J2601 standard opened by H2 Logic in one year has not been done before. It contributes significantly to our continued efforts on cost reduction and improving of energy efficiency and reliability of our H2Station® product.” states director of H2 Logic A/S, Jacob Krogsgaard.

Besides a continuously development the H2Station® technology, efforts are also done to secure a steadily increasing supply of additional stations to the growing infrastructure markets. The next station is expected to be delivered for Copenhagen in early 2013.

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