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H2 Logic builds hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours

H2 Logic builds hydrogen refueling station in 48 hours

Today a new Hydrogen Refueling Station from H2 Logic was opened in Copenhagen together with the handover of 15 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles from Hyundai to the City of Copenhagen. The refueling station is based on the H2Station® CAR-100 product and was installed in only 48 hours before conducting of the first refueling. The CAR-100 has been developed to enable a swift and cost-effective deployment of an initial network of refueling stations to support car manufacturers’ efforts on FCEV market introduction.

H2Station® CAR-100 provides 70MPa SAE J2601 compliant fast-fill of hydrogen with a capacity of up to 100kg/day. Hydrogen is produced onsite with electrolysis and certified renewable electricity.

All production and refueling equipment is integrated into a compact station module allowing for easy transport and installation in down to 48 hours.

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H2 Logic is an independent leading manufacturer of H2Station®, hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles. H2 Logic is a profitable growth company since 2003. H2Station® technology is recognized as among the leading on the market and is used on a daily basis across Europe for fueling of vehicles from major car manufacturers.